Mark Doneo is one of Malta’s top television producers and directors.
He started his career with the psycological thriller ‘Shelly Rayner’, quickly cementing his name wuth a naturalistic style of storytelling and creating a local cult classic in the process.
He has to date written, produced and directed over 50 episodes of episodic drama, his forte being the supernatural and mystery.

Currently he is producing his first feature film to be released locally this October.







ALAN CASSAR - a cinematographer and director of various short films, feature local films, and theatre. Directed various TV shows hitting popularity in his TV comedies, he also contributed in films such as World War Z, Captain Philips, Sinbad, and currently Divers.

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NORBERT FRIGGIERI Director of Evolution Media, a company which specializes in 3D graphics, visual effects and compositing. been in the media industry for the past 12 years and have been creating 3D art and working at becoming a great all-around artist, both for helping commercial products take new heights, and as a personal journey in making his own visions blossom.Enjoying creative process of preproduction as well as producing a personal portfolio. Spends time working on collaborative projects to enhance skills and enjoy the ambitious and collective atmosphere they provide. Norbert has worked extensively on many TV opening, foreign tv and film projects, short films graphic and post editing work and won various awards in the field.



Dominic Said


Dominic Said is synonomis with the local television scene as a writer and director. Recently he writen and director three teleseries with Bronk Productions, namely Sahta fuq Uliedi, Miraklu and Nies bhalna. All dealing with social issues.. He was the first to write a children's teleseries,`Vaganza f'Hal Bla Ras.' and the controversial,`Il Mandragara.' Dominic Said is today considered to be one of the most prolif writers and directors for tv when it comes to controversial and social issues, as an eye for detail.


Jameson Cucciardi, has been working with a local TV station for the past 7 years and perusing what he does best : directing. After just one year of working as an editor, he started working as an assistent director to Mark Doneo, a veteran in Maltese TV on the production Miriana Coljero'. Two years later he was directing a production for the same station. He recently followed the course entitled StoryWorks given by three world class senior lecturers. He is also producing and directing his own television series Maskra set to start airing from October 2013.